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I started in my first 100 sq. foot makeup studio and then moved to 600 sq. feet and now 1600 sq. feet!!!  It's been a journey and I never could have imagined when I decided to take the leap from working out of my home to my first studio space that I would grow this fast.  When the opportunity for this new space came I wasn't... + continue reading
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  The most asked question I get is, "What are the steps you took to become successful?".  This is always a loaded question for me because I could never appropriately list the fear, the worry, and the sheer determination over the last 15 years into a series of steps, but if I sit down and think of all the things that I... + continue reading
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  When a bride calls me one of the first questions that she asks is, "Do you do airbrushing?"  Most of the time she isn't even sure what airbrushing is but she knows she wants it or she's been told that she shouldn't do it and she wants to know my opinion. The word “airbrushing” is... + continue reading
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I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our fantastic brides and clients, 2015 was a great year for Makeup by Kim Porter! Looking ahead we just launched our Kim Porter Beauty website ( with all of our great products that we sell at our makeup studio, The Makeup Studio & Beauty Lounge, located in Virginia Beach... + continue reading
wedding bridal floral makeup photography photo shoot
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  A floral photo shoot with the amazing and talented Becky of Roost Flowers and Eleise of Eleise Theuer Photography. The floral is so gorgeous and the models, Becky's daughter and friend, modeled gowns from Pure English Couture Bridal, a House of Maya bridal salon.      ... + continue reading


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