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  Looking for a great foundation?  I have been using a matte, oil-free foundation on my brides (and myself!) for 8 years.  When I started my own line of cosmetics, I made my Flawless Skin Matte Foundation the corner stone of my makeup line.  Without flawless skin, the rest just doesn't matter.   I prefer a... + continue reading
makeup artist virginia beach makeup lesson highlighting contouring
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  The magic of highlighting and contouring wasn't always something that I took advantage of, it looked too complicated, and I was afraid of messing it up.  Something changed a few months ago and this light bulb went off in my head...the same awesome contour shade that I was using for my eyes would be the perfect color for... + continue reading
makeup artist wedding keith cephus photography
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My first magazine cover!  Back in 2008. Photographer Keith Cephus   My Story    When I see someone from the wedding industry that I haven't seen in awhile, and they ask me if I still do makeup or "Where have you been?" it makes me want to shout out, "No really I've been here the whole time, I've... + continue reading
wash makeup brushes makeup artist
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Makeup brushes can be an investment but if you take care of them, they will last you forever.  Regularly clean and condition your brushes by following these steps below: 1.  If your brushes get regular, one person use, you can wash them in a gentle, baby shampoo.  But if your brushes get heavy use, (like mine) use an anti-... + continue reading
bride wedding water table
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      I met Marisa on the afternoon of her wedding at The Turtle Cay Resort at the oceanfront. The entire resort was boarded up ready for Hurricane Sandy. Luckily for us, this bride didn't let the impending storm or the rainy weather dampen her spirits.   Marisa getting the star bridal treatment!    ... + continue reading


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