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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Something that most successful people don't talk about is that we often times do not grow our businesses alone. I knew when I was first starting to grow my freelance makeup artistry business that I needed to connect with someone who knew more than me, who could answer my questions and help me get to point A to point B faster.

That's where a business coach comes in, this person is a mentor and coach to help you grow your business with the least mistakes, time, and money possible. Most likely the things you are focusing on aren't the most important things and where you're spending your time and money is not going to excel your business the fastest way possible.

This is where one to one coaching comes in!


Build Your Bridal Beauty Business with My One to One Coaching Program!


1 Hour Discovery Session

12 Coaching Sessions (2 per month)

BONUS Access into my private Inner Circle Coaching Group (free for one year, a $468 value)

Sessions are done via phone, Skype or Zoom

Cost for my 6 Month One to One Coaching Program is $997


A payment plan is available for 6 payments of $175 (total cost $1050)

There is only 10 spots available for the year, space is limited!

To sign up or for more information go to my Contact page to send me a message or email me at


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