Advanced Makeup Artistry Class

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In this advanced class for experienced makeup artists you will learn how to refine your skills and techniques, how to create beautiful, flawless makeup looks for bridal and special events, along with business and marketing strategies to continue to grow your business for long-term success.



Demo session

Hands-on session


What you will learn for makeup:

Airbrushed foundation*

Long lasting makeup techniques

Natural beauty makeup

Smokey eye makeup

Winged eye liner

Highlight and contour

Brow defining


What you will learn for business:

Social media tips

Branding and marketing

Business strategies


Who is this class for?

Experienced makeup artists who want to learn to create classic, timeless, long-lasting makeup looks and build their bridal makeup artistry business.


Who is this class NOT for?

Those that want to learn “Insta-makeup” techniques like baking, cut crease and heavy highlighting and contouring.


This class is 5 hours with workbook, demo and hands-on sessions, includes 40% off of your first purchase of products.

Cost is $600

(For 2 days the cost is $1200 and includes a free membership for my Inner Circle Coaching Group for 1 year)

* If you do not have your own airbrush gun and foundation you can use the studios


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