Finding a Mentor

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You’ll read it in a book or a blog, someone telling you to find a mentor in your area to learn all the steps to become successful. What they don’t tell you is that…

Finding a mentor doesn't mean it's for free!

Let me say that it definitely doesn’t hurt to reach out to those that you respect in your industry but don’t assume that they will just hand over all of their steps to success and their insider secrets. I remember around 2003 reaching out to a makeup artist in my area. When she called me back I was so excited to speak with her only for her to tell me in not so many words that “she didn’t groom the competition”. I was majorly bummed but years later I understand where she was coming from.

Chances are if you find someone that you respect and admire their work and would love to work with them, there are others that have felt the same way and have reached out already. Heck I’ve even interviewed a girl to be on my team and she asked me during the interview how I got so many television jobs and if I could tell her the steps to do the same. Ummm…

The thing is you have to be willing to invest in yourself and the success of your business. Once I realized I wasn’t going to get any help in my area (at that time there was like 2 freelance makeup artists) I did some research and found a makeup artist about 3 ½ hours from me and I booked 3 days with him, back then the cost was $1,000. That was one of the best decisions I ever made, I was terrified of spending the money but that 3 day class gave me the confidence and the steps that I needed to take to start my career as a makeup artist. I still have my notes and kept in touch with him for years after that. Now there’s a lot more competition and it’s imperative that you stand out from the other makeup artists in your area. I see a lot of talented artists give up after a few years because they didn’t have a plan in place when things got tough. 




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