Here We Grow Again!

I started in my first 100 sq. foot makeup studio and then moved to 600 sq. feet and now 1600 sq. feet!!!  It's been a journey and I never could have imagined when I decided to take the leap from working out of my home to my first studio space that I would grow this fast.  When the opportunity for this new space came I wasn't sure if it was the right decision for me, I had just found out I was expecting my third baby, business was crazy busy but I knew if I was going to take the leap that I would have to change some things and get some help.

Lucky for me around that time some amazing women started to come into my life and I have been building a stellar makeup team so that this studio can be everything that I always imagined and serve our clients that best possible way.  We will have multiple stations so that we can schedule more appointments and host bridal parties.  The space is gorgeous, over looking a beautiful landscaped courtyard and surrounded by some of the most sought after wedding vendors in our area and the delicious Sweetwater Cuisine restaurant.  I quite literally could not ask for a more amazing space!

Right now we are in the designing stages and waiting for deliveries to arrive and we hope to be open at the end of August.  Check back for an updated blog post when we open and in the meantime follow us on Instagram at @themakeupstudiovb!



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