Bridal Beauty: What is Airbrushed Foundation?


When a bride calls me one of the first questions that she asks is, "Do you do airbrushing?"  Most of the time she isn't even sure what airbrushing is but she knows she wants it or she's been told that she shouldn't do it and she wants to know my opinion. The word “airbrushing” is associated with the perfect, flawless faces of models in magazines but airbrushed foundation is different than the “airbrushing” done by photographers using Photoshop. 

There are 3 formulas of airbrush foundation:  water-based is a matte finish, silicone-based is a dewy finish, and alcohol-based is for special effects and is not recommended for the face.  The airbrush foundation is a thin liquid that is blown through an airbrush gun attached to a compressor, the airbrush gun blows a fine mist that allows the makeup artist to build from light to full coverage.  Because it blows in a fine mist, it does not leave streaks or unevenness, and looks flawless for high definition cameras and television.  When doing research on what foundation formula I wanted to use, I chose to use the silicone-based. 

The reason why I love the silicone-based airbrushed foundation is because it:

  • allows for more coverage with less makeup
  • is water resistant and streak resistant
  • creates a flawless, dewy finish that looks radiant in photographs

Airbrush foundation does not work well on skin that is dehydrated or has a lot of fine lines.  It is best applied on exfoliated and well moisturized skin.  I prep my client’s skin with my Vitamin C Protection, Retexturizing Face Primer, and follow the airbrush foundation application with my Mineral Powder Foundation using a Powder Brush to set the airbrushed foundation once it is dry.

A true story that happened just this past year is a testament to why airbrushed foundation is best for bridal makeup!  A beautiful bride was getting ready at her venue, the photographer had arrived, her hair and makeup were impeccable, and it was time for the bride to put on her wedding dress.  The Maid of Honor was about to propose a toast with the bride and her bridal party, and as the Maid of Honor opened the bottle of champagne it exploded all over the bride’s face!  The entire room went completely silent and before the bride could even react, I walked up to her with a handful of paper towels and started blotting her face.  When I was sure that all the moisture had been soaked up, I pulled the paper towels back to see that NOTHING had budged…NOTHING!!!  She still looked completely amazing, like it never even happened!

So is airbrushed foundation the right choice for your wedding day?  Contact us to schedule a trial makeup and see for yourself!



Image credit:  Sarah Street Photography

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